Armed with a belief in the inherent dignity of all human beings, SLC fights to protect every person’s human and civil rights. Human rights are our most fundamental rights that are granted to all of us universally because we are human beings. By contrast, civil rights are granted to us by federal, state and local laws such as those guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution or federal civil rights statutes. The rights we have enforced over the years appear on this page and we highlight just a few examples of our successes in protecting the foundations of freedom and justice in our society.



Current Advocacy


Transgender Identity Initiative


SLC developed a model clinic to assist transgender individuals in obtaining a legal name change through the court and in amending their names and gender markers on their identification documents to accurately reflect their gender identity. Since January 2017, we have been holding a series of clinics across the state in collaboration with local legal aid programs and other community partners. The transgender population is one of the most underserved communities, and there is an urgent need for legal assistance to change their name and gender markers on key identification documents to protect them from harassment, discrimination, and even violence.