Please consider Southern Legal Counsel as a recipient for Cy Pres and court settlement awards. Class action lawsuits that might have unclaimed settlement funds or a party to a settlement might want to donate to a charity. If you are involved with either of these situations, please contact us to learn about how to designate these funds to Southern Legal Counsel. Your Cy Pres and settlement funds would make an impact for thousands of Floridians. Southern Legal Counsel is an ideal recipient as we have over 40 years of improving the lives of vulnerable populations and creating lasting positive change. Call Jodi Siegel at (352) 271-8890 to get started.

In class action cases that have settlement funds or money judgments, there often  remains unspent money because not all plaintiff class members can be found.  Cy pres awards provide a method for distributing the remaining money from the common fund.  Cy pres awards distribute the unclaimed funds to their next best use to indirectly benefit the plaintiff class.

As a Florida statewide not-for-profit public interest law firm, SLC is committed to the ideal of equal justice for all and the attainment of basic human and civil rights.  SLC assists individuals and groups with public interest issues who otherwise would not have access to the justice system and whose cases may bring about systemic reform.  SLC uses a range of strategies to achieve its goals, including impact litigation, policy advocacy, and training and technical assistance to lawyers, lay persons and organizations.

Class actions are about access to justice as a method of grouping people together when, as individuals, they cannot meaningfully pursue their claims.  Directing residual class action funds to support Southern Legal Counsel to provide access to justice for those who do not have access makes sense given the underlying principle of the cy pres doctrine.  For class actions that involve children, health, nursing homes, housing, education, and persons with disabilities, SLC is especially appropriate as a cy pres recipient as we serve these special populations.

If you are involved in a class action case with potential unclaimed funds, please consider Southern Legal Counsel as a cy pres recipient.  When a cy pres award is channeled to SLC, you can rest assured the funds will be used in a manner consistent with the intent of the award. And you can make a significant difference in the lives of Floridians who desperately need free civil legal assistance to obtain necessary health and education services, stay in their homes, not be arrested for life-sustaining activities, and generally secure more peace of mind.  We can assist in drafting Rule 23 fairness memos, settlement language and other documents regarding a cy pres award.