Representing the plaintiffs in this decade-long challenge under the Florida Constitution to improve the quality of education for all children, Southern Legal Counsel requested that the Florida Supreme Court hear the appeal in Citizens for Strong Schools v. Florida State Board of Education. SLC argued that jurisdiction existed based on the First District Court of Appeal’s express construction of Article IX’s education requirements.  The First DCA construed the terms “adequate,” “efficient” and “high quality,” and held that these terms “lack judicially discoverable or manageable standards that would allow for meaningful judicial interpretation.” It held that due to separation of powers courts do not have power to review whether the State is meeting its constitutional duties under Article IX.  SLC argued that the Florida Supreme Court should accept jurisdiction to establish that courts have the power to interpret and enforce Article IX.  On April 30, 2018, the Court accepted the case and briefing will begin in May.  Oral argument is not yet set.